Hosting the Spring Modules Schemas

I've often been fustrated that the schema definitions for the various Spring Modules projects targeted the (then) nonexistent

There are work arounds to eliminate Eclipse errors for this. Such as the often visited page by Craig Walls. I often give kudos to Craig for sharing that bit of info. But let's face it, nobody likes work arounds. We'd all like things to just work.

There's the long standing bug on the issue as well. Some time ago, I commented on the bug but, did little about it (yea, I suck).

Today, I decided to step up to the issue. A quick search showed the domain was not in use. So, I registered it, mapped it to a directory on my server, and uploaded the schemas.


I'm a fan of the spring modules project. It makes integrating various 3rd party projects easy. The existence of spring modules has generally made my life, as a developer, easier.

Let's just say that hosting the schemas is my little way of giving back. Mostly, it's just me scratching an itch (getting files to validate, getting auto-complete to work in my XML editor). Now Live

The site is up. You can find the current list of schemas at the index. If I've placed any in the wrong place or if I'm missing some, please drop me a note (my email is on the index page).

If you found this useful and happen to be in the bay area, buy me a beer. If not, buy something off of amazon to help pay for the hosting ;-)

Hopefully, I don't get too hammered on the bandwidth used for this.

The Index

Yes, I know the index page is ugly. It was a quick and dirty throw-together with VI and dumping the results of find find through sed. I anyone is interested in making a better looking index page, just send a message, I'd be very grateful.

Currently Hosted Spring Modules Schemas:


by: Paul E Davis
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