Linux User Tries Going Mac

As a long time developer and Linux user, I've noticed a trend among other users going toward Macs. I've always had a hard time dealing with the keyboard wackyiess and instability (that would even offend windows users) of the pre-OSX Mac. Recent events have presented me with a gargantuan iMac so, I've decided to give it a serious try.

Note: This page will be updated as I learn and discover more. I've decided to give it a month instead of the 2 weeks originally planned. If I can't get productive by then, It's going to get wiped and have Kubuntu installed.

Dealing with Text (it's what developers do)

First impressions are, the keyboard and mouse shipped with it should be used to beat the designer who made them. The mouse is completely unusable. I'll use a cheap spare dell mouse until a replacement can be aquired. Text editting is much more difficult than it should be. I think VIM is going to be the editor of choice until I can figure it out. Why the hell doesn't the 'home' key send the cursor home? Seriously!

Update: Just discovered that command+left/right arrow does it (thanks to hobiwan). However, it is not consistent. In a terminal control+a/e Heads up Apple, consistency is the key to usability. On to more important things.

The OS

option+command+d hides the dock. Awesome, because the dock is a pointless waste of screen real estate. Spotlight and command-tab are all that is needed.


Another annoyance comes from the software installer. Choosing a location to install means choosing the hard-drive. WTF? Why can't I choose the directory? Okay, I've got to be rational about it.

... calm ...

I know Apple wants to make things easy but, I've got to be able to use this without a mouse to be productive. One positive note, Command-Space opens 'Spotlight' so I can just type the name of the program to run. It's almost as good as alt-F2 in KDE.

Closing an app. command+q gives the don't save/cancel/save dialog. Why can't I tab through the options? Ok, actually I can. But, I have to turn on the preference first. What?

General Weirdness

Though I'm a linux user, I've always thought that BSD always had the perfect standard directories. I suppose Apple doesn't agree...

Why is keyboard access off by default for dialogs? Great it can be turned on by going to the prefs but, what possible reason could exist for this ever to be off (especially by default) ?

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