List of Fabricators (3D Printers)

I find the whole topic of homemade and micro-enterprise 3D Printers to be very facinating. Here's a list of the ones inspiring everyone else.

Open Source Collaborations

Open Source Commercial 3D Printing Services


Developer Podcasts

Just built a to merge a bunch of developer podcasts into one.
Here's the url:
(used bit.ly because the Yahoo URLs are huge)


Here's are the main reasons people come here:

Balloon / Bubble Tooltips

How to make fading balloon/bubble tooltips.

This little page has the code to make it work, and an explanation so it can be customized. In addition to fading, the tooltips also follow the mouse around.

For those into HTML semantics, the tooltip text comes from the title attribute of the tag specified. No changes need to be made to the HTML of a page using them.

Dojo Tree Widget Tutorial

A 3 part series on using the Dojo Tree Widget.

The first part covers building the tree widget with tags and programmatically with javascript.

The second part shows how to populate the tree with AJAX

The third part shows how to customize the Dojo Tree. This allows you to create your own look and feel for the tree.

OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative)

I'm jumping onto the OSGi development bandwagon. There is a huge amount of potential for this type of development even though true enterprise class systems aren't quite ready for prime time.

One of my objectives is to create a like that described in my blog. The idea that one virtual machine could be used to host web applications, mail applications, and even messaging apps for various users is full of potential. A hosting solution like this could allow a site (or app) to start small, and easily scale to any proportion.

A hosting solution like this should also be much simpler to administer. By creating bundles that provide JMX extensions, a single administrative interface could be create to manage all the hosted services like: web, mail, database, messaging, etc... Currently most administrative 'dashboards' for hosted sites use a bunch of scripts to provide hooks into different applications (apache, sendmail, postfix, mysql, etc).

My development is starting with the since it is the most stable. I will soon focus on ensuring that my code is also compatible with and .

I've added my bootstrap and start-up scripts to Google Code. On my page about Equinox Headless Bootstrap I have a little sample of code that demonstrates the functionality. That page contains a link to the Google Code project with code that is actually usable in a production environment. It also has a start-up script to live in /etc/init.d and a configuration script to live in /etc/

JCR - Content Repository for Java

I had been working on an article (the first of a series) that explains building a simple content management system using the JCR API. It contains a mix of technologies, Spring, AJAX, Dojo, and Apache Jackrabbit. The project outlined in the article covers building a menu editor.

This article is being put on hold at the moment. I am in the process of re-working the code behind this site to use the content reposity, once finished, I will revive, and update the article.

Getting Started with XUL

I've added a contribution from about working with XUL. What makes this Hello World different is he also shows how set up the to work with XUL and to simplify development.

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