Practices and Design

This section is growing bit by bit. The goal here is to stimulate discussion in development practices and softeare design.

Some examples of practices are the Software Schedules and the TODO Lists. The ideas here are that by using simple tools, you spend less time with the artifacts of development practices and more time actually getting some work done. I am not trying to diminish the process, just make the implementation of it more efficient.

I am currently exploring using the 'Painless SOftware Schedule' as a way of implementing the Agile method of time tracking with estimates and story cards. The objective here, is to have an agile process that can function in a CMMI environment. Ideally by keeping a published "state of the project' that is updated daily, managers can leave the developers alone, and the developers can get some work done.

The rest just throws out ideas for bits of code or ways of doing things. Some, like the Service Locator, have been replaced by other things in my own work (in that case, dependency injection).


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