Some of my projects

Just released my first Chrome Application.

It's a simple tool to traverse source code repositories. It also adds color highlighting to source files.

This project provided a way to learn a few things. It's built using Closure Library from Google. Colorizing is done with google-code-prettify. And, obviously, I get to learn a bit about developing for the Chrome Browser.

Boat Stuff

I discovered the Instructables web site recently. It provides a nice wiki-like interface for documenting projects and building collaborative howto's. Using this I find that I'm able to document projects that I might otherwise be to lazy to.

Some of my projects include:

How to bend tubing
A quick description of building a bending jig to help build a new bow rail for my boat.
image of the bow rail
Connecting a Handheld GPS to a Marine radio
This is how I connected my handheld GPS(Garmin eTrex) to my marine radio to support the DSC (digital selective calling) features. This allows sending my position to other vessels equiped with a DSC radio, and automated distress calls with my position.

I've found that the easiest way to use this site is to keep the digital camera with me while working on a project. The task of taking regular photos, and thinking about how to explain what is being done, tends to make me a little more careful, and the project a bit more successful.

TODO's - Coming Soon


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