Software Library Tidbits

Just little things to help in development (like Dojo) or ideas for new Software.

Dojo Tree Tutorials

The most visited things in this area are the tutorials for the dojo tree widget.

Dojo Tree Icon
Introducing the Dojo Tree Widget
An introduction to creating a tree with tags, and progressing into programmatic creation.
Dojo Tree Widget with AJAX
Using RPC via AJAX to populate a tree node with children when it is expanded.
Customizing the Dojo Tree Widget
Creating custom look and feel for the tree widget.

Java/J2EE Developers Reading List

These are the books every J2EE developer should read. Many of them should be read by any developer, regardless of language. Consider this a (very) small part of continuous education.

The Amazon links help support this site (which is running at a loss). Sooo, buy a book. :-)


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