Java Developers Reading List

A note about the list: Learning Java is kept rather short on purpose. There isn't much to getter over the mechanics and syntax of the language. Once you have done this, the very next thing to study are the core API's. At a minimum, open up the java docs and read the package level documentation for each package. This will give you an idea of the classes available and what they are for. Next, read and understand the Collections Framework. Too many developers (new and experienced alike) 're-write' code that already exists in the core API's, especially things in the Collections framework. Sun has even provided a little tutorial for a better introduction to the framework.

Once you get past the basics, its time to start learning and using best practices (thus the craftsmanship section). Many practices go beyond the language and are about creating clean maintainable (easy to debug) code. Others apply to the language and are about common metaphors and expected programming techniques. Even though there is debate in various communities regarding some things, its best to know all sides of an argument to make informed decisions. Knowing, understanding, and using best practices, combined with developing your craftsmanship will elevate you to a high tier of development.

Learning Java


Projects and Practices

These items are less about coding patterns and more toward running successful projects.



Scrum provides an excellent model for project management. However, the key to success (like any process) is not to treat it as a religion. Take it, use it, and tweak it for your team.


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